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Multi-SWAC is a cashflow forecasting management tool designed with you in mind.

It makes cashflow forecasting easier for you by removing the formula errors that occur on traditional spreadsheet applications. This is significantly more important as the number of sheets increases.

Multi-SWAC enables you to concentrate on the cashflow forecast figures and not the formatting.

The time saving in using Multi-SWAC will very quickly outweigh the cost of the software.

Reasons to Choose From the Multi-SWAC Range

* Significant savings of your time over using a traditional spreadsheet approach. e.g. insert another item and it is automatically inserted across all scenarios/companies (cost centers)/years.
* You do not need to enter Formulae.
* You are able to run multiple scenarios, companies (cost centers) and years. Easily see which combination is displayed on the screen.
* Automatic GST calculation is done for you.
* You have automatic cashflow consolidation of companies (cost centers) and automatic consolidation of scenarios based on weighting factors you have entered. You are able to alter the weighting factors and see the result instantly.
* You will be able to easily navigate between the various sheets as they are always displayed as layered tabs. This reduces the complexity when compared to spreadsheet applications for you.
* Import routines available.
* Compare actuals with expected.
* You can concentrate on the message of the cashflow forecast, not on the formatting.
* Add a year/company/scenario and the last year/company/scenario can be automatically copied over for you. You need only to edit the figures.
* Hide items that you do not wish to see on a particular combination of year/company/scenario.
* Inbuilt graphing routines.
* Multiple graphs.
  • "I have found that Multi-SWAC is very easy to use, is fool proof and gives me confidence in my calculations. It is a huge time saver for me and I have found that it is encouraging small businesses to plan for the longer term. I can do a three year budget in 30 minutes. I have no hesitation in recommending Multi-SWAC" - Lucy Mortimer, AccountAbility - Business Software Solutions

  • "As a cashflow tool Multi-SWAC is extremely quick and easy to use" - Ian Selwood, Partner, Randall & Payne, Stroud, United Kingdom